Mobtaker Gostar Gharn Ltd (MG), was established in 2003 under Nano Technology Enterprise group. Since 2013 has been nominated as the year of epic economic activity, this has provided the company with a different approach.

Our Solutions are founded on practical engineering knowledge supported by advanced, dedicated design and analysis software and hardware. Our services extend from clean-sheet design, through detailing, procurement and manufacturing support, development testing to service troubleshooting.

We believe the key to success, is persistence and efforts to fulfill the dreams.

Projects Undertaken

  1. BulletDesign & Man. of Trim Parts in Cylinder Blocks of Peugeot 405

  2. BulletDesign & Man. of Joints for Oil Piping

  3. BulletDesign & Man. of various Machinery Parts for Food Processing Industries

  4. BulletDesign & Manufacture of Fan Cooling Condenser

  5. BulletRe-design and Gauge Control of Vehicle Parts

  6. BulletDesign & Manufacture of Die Cast using Reverse Engineering for Luxury Household Fixtures and Furnitures

  7. BulletModelling Design for Jewellery Casting

  8. BulletDesign & Manufacture of Door, Roof, and Tray for Mazda Vans

  9. BulletDesign & Modelling of Pride’s Distribution Joint

  10. BulletDesign & Modelling of Pride’s Cylinder

  11. BulletDesign & Build of Pride’s Cylinder Block using Cloud Point files in Reverse Engineering

Our Company
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